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Year of the Dog: All Of The Pet Holiday’s You Won’t Want to Miss

It’s like there’s a day for EVERYTHING!

We just recently celebrated the random and silly holiday of National Donut Day with some fun DIY donuts and it got me thinking…

Does anyone else feel like they can’t keep up with all of these days!?

Well lucky for you, I sifted through all of the official internet lists of National Days and International Days. I also dove into the unofficial days that my crazy neighbor celebrates (looking at you National Bathtub Day). With all of this hot information, I compiled the perfect Princess and the Dog guide to all of the best and most worthy pet holidays that you could ever want to celebrate!

We’ve still got six months left in the Year of the Dog and together we can celebrate and party until the cows come home!

(National Cow Day is July 18th FYI)

Now without further ado… let’s start marking our calendars!


Do you have any fun holidays that you never like to miss?


  • Kim

    Lol I just got a dog a few months ago so I had no idea these days existed! I think adopt a shelter dog month has to be my favorite

  • Daisy

    Aww I didn’t know all these days were for our fur babies! How fun! Everyday is a day for celebrating our fur babies:)

  • Nati

    this was both cute and hilarious! I’ve recently found out June was “camping month” and I could definitely give a pass to that. I never want to miss “Friendship Day” on July 20th, which is an Argentinian National celebration, it is so very cool because you don’t have to give a present to your friends, but you must actually meet with them. People travel thousands of miles to retrieve once per year, and all restaurants and venues in town (and out of town) are overbooked. I’ve never seen something quite like it in any other country in the World!

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