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Say Goodbye To Dog Hair

Idgie and Joey got a new sibling ….

Her name is Buffy the Dog Hair Slayer and she is amazing.
Buffy works so hard. She is a trooper and she has my best interests in mind. I love Buffy.

Ok, so ….Buffy is a robot vacuum.

If anybody has ever been on the fence of getting a “Roomba” or any other robotic companion.. DO IT

The war against dog hair in our home has been so ruthless…

Disclaimer here: I did get Buffy as a birthday present.

Honestly, I was in the market for a model about $100 cheaper; getting a sweet little robot buddy to sweep my house has been on my wishlist for a hot second.  I had been shopping for a little sweeper bot to snag the dog hair we are plagued with on a daily basis.. max budget? $100

I got an iLife V3s Pro from my father. The total after tax on Buffy the Dog Hair Slayer was $198, not something that I would spurge on myself, as a 24 year old, fresh adult, obsessed dog mom kind of gal…BUT she was a gift. She is more than I ever deserved!!! She is magic!
So let’s talk about my lil Buffy…..

Her amazon review says that she is a good candidate for tile or hard wood, and is pretty decent on low pile carpet…. well I can confirm the first part of that statement. My house has never been so clean! Running her once a day, with 2 dogs coming in and out of the back yard, works perfectly…. honestly, if anything, it shows how much of a mess the house was before with our weekly sweeping routine.


This particular model (from what I have experienced) is not so awesome at rugs. We have a few “bath mats”, or little bathroom rugs, that we like to keep out. Initially, I felt nervous, seeing the reviews of this particular product on Amazon. The general consensus was that this lil robot could handle hardwood and tile like a champ and low pile carpet.

These bath mats we have are mainly “low pile” carpet… Buffy has been good at gathering the hair and dirt from that particular rug, and then not having the suction necessary to  take it with her when she leaves the rug. (ie: once we run her in the bathroom with the low pile rugs, she leaves little bundles of dog hair/dirt at the edge of the rug)
In the long run, I’m %100 not mad at this minuscule “deposit”… Buffy is working her hardest and rugs are a b*tch!

I’m so glad I have my lil Buffy Bot in my life! I would definitely recommend this bot for anyone else who has pets and hardwood floors!

love & love

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