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Dog Rocks

No I’m not stoned, this product really exists!

It’s spring, and all the green is coming back…well in every place except for where your pup takes a pee every day.

Dog pee and a green lawn don’t mix, until now! Dog Rocks help combat those nasty urine burns on your lawn. It’s so easy to start saving your grass, your dog will just lap it up!


We could get into some science ‘n shiz and explain why dog urine kills grass, but basically it goes a little something like this:
Because of their largely carnivorous and protein filled diet, dog’s bodies produce nitrogen to break down their meals. They also intake nitrates and impurities through their drinking water. All of that excess nitrogen is peed out and BURNS THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR GRASS
The super smart people over at Dog Rocks, have found a way to combat this unsightly problem and fertilize your grass while your dog pees! *gasp what!?*

Who knew that Mrs. Doubtfire was on to something …

Dog Rocks filter out the excess nitrates and other gunk in your dog’s water, significantly reducing the amount of nitrogen that gets disposed of come tinkle time. All you have to do is place the rocks in the water bowl and VOILA you are already on your way to a prettier lawn!


So about a year ago, I was living in a condo with Idgie. She always peed in the same spot every day and eventually that one spot looked as dry as the Sahara Desert.

I started looking up home remedies because I felt so bad about ruining the grass, I mean this complex had professional gardeners on site to make sure everything looked tip top and I was ruining that (Idgie liked to pee right up front for all the world to see.. what an attention hog). In my googling, I came across Dog Rocks and was super intrigued. I didn’t end up purchasing them at that time and I honestly think it was because I was under the impression that they were only available in Australia, and I wasn’t too excited to pay for international shipping.
Fast forward to NOW!

So, my living situation has changed. I no longer live in the same place and have moved into a house with the boyf (cute right?). Well, when I saw the opportunity to review these nifty little rocks, I jumped at the chance because I was super interested in them a year ago and I could finally give them a try!!!!!!!!

I’m a dumb dumb guys.

Our new house doesn’t have much grass. Just a lot of wooded area. And dirt.
See where I’m going with this?

I can tell you that the lovely little monkey grass patch that Idgie pees on daily seems to be bouncing back quite nicely, and there are even some flowers coming in now that it’s spring. I wish I had more conclusive results to report, but as of now, I can’t personally say that they work purely because I am a dumb dumb.


Because Dog Rocks are created with 100% natural minerals and no chemicals, I will always keep these in mind for the future when we move. I will also happily recommend them to others, even though my current yard wasn’t the best candidate for Dog Rocks. *womp womp*

You can find these rocks online at various places like Amazon and they are super accessible and affordable!


We received this pack for free for testing purposes through a partnership with Dog Rocks and Pupfluence but all opinions are my own.

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