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Shed Happens: Dog Hair Everywhere

Okay so we all get it. If you own a dog, you also own a gold mine of dog hair.

It’s like we all sign an invisible contract as soon as we bring these sweet furry creatures into our lives that forever plagues us with these tumble weeds of fur. I’m not mad… are you mad?

I could knit a sweater with all of this dog hair

We’ve all been there… the vacuuming, the sweeping, the brushing, the lint rollers, etc.

All dogs shed.

Yes, even those fancy “hypo-allergenic” dogs (it’s all about the dander not the fur… ask science)

The question is:

How do you combat all of that fur?

Well friends, I can only speak for myself here. Ultimately you will have to find your own personal balance in this battle we call dog hair, but here are a few steps I take in my daily life to stay just a teeny bit sane.


So this seems like a no brainer, but YES giving your dog a bath does, in fact, get rid of some of the excess hair they like to deposit around your house.

It’s not just the water and the soap that get’s the hair running on it’s way, it’s also the massage that stimulates their hair follicles and gets all of that old stuff out of there. Just be sure to have to have some Drano on hand.

Be warned though, too many baths will strip the fur of it’s natural oils and make for some dry and itchy skin. In the place of “regular” baths, I like to keep my pup’s hair follicles stimulated by massaging in some waterless shampoo. This makes my pups smell nice and clean without the traumatizing ordeal that is a bath.

Brushing Is A Must

As dog parents, I’m sure we have all invested in some sort of brush or “de-shedder” to keep our pups groomed and looking nice. You know, one of those metal rakes that scrape the fur off of your dog? Yea, I have one. It’s intense.

Only recently was I introduced to the Eazee De-Shedding Tool as an alternative to those harsh hair tugging blades.

This spectacular brush has rubber blades that only remove 100% dead hair and 0% live hair. After using both styles of brushes, I can definitely say that I feel a difference in the amount of tugging and resistance when running it through both of my dogs’ hair (wiry Airedale and a double coated German Shepherd).

I could not recommend this brush more for getting the maximum amount of dead hair off of your pup! I swear I could make a whole separate dog out of what we get off of Idgie!

Suck It Up

All dog parents are no strangers to the vacuum and the broom. It’s like we all strive for a new level of clean once we bring a dog into our lives, but it’s a losing battle, we will never be rid of the hair. You just have to learn to live with it and suck it up.

That’s right…. vacuums! (get it? it’s a pun!)

In our house, we used to sweep daily just to keep the dog hair at bay. That was until we got a robot vacuum. We named her Buffy the Dog Hair Slayer and she is the best little gadget that I have ever had the pleasure to own. You can check out my review of the iLife V3 Pro Robotic Vacuum here.

But if you aren’t on the market for a little robot to clean your house while you drink a glass of wine and put your feet up, regular vacuuming will do. Cleaning doesn’t have to be fancy, but I do have to admit, it is super nice to have a minion do your dirty work and mildly scare your dogs by zipping around your house.

Dog Hair, Don’t Care

Mostly, just know that if you have a cute little pupper in your life, there is no escape from the plague that is dog hair.

BUT in all honestly, I’m sure all of our lives would be incomplete without those magical fibers of love that our pups like to deposit throughout our world. Just give up, and wear your dog’s hair as a badge of honor (and keep a lint roller in your car just in case).


  • Tizzy Says

    I have a pit mix who sheds like crazy. I have one of those metal rake brushes, and yes, I could make a puppy with all of the hair I brush off of her. I think I might look into this rubber brush. I don’t think my fur baby likes being brushed with the metal one. Chasing her around the house the second I go near the drawer it is in should be my first hint.

  • Ashley

    I have Pit and he sheds like crazy… seems like dog hair is always everywhere. We vacuum once a week and I also brush him with a metal brush. I’ll have to look into investing in the rubber brush and robot vacuum! That’ll save us tons of time with cleaning dog hair.

    • cebirminx

      Since I’ve invested in my little robot buddy, I’ve gotten used to being so lazy about cleaning the house 😅

  • Cia Black

    OUr pup (Pitbull) I don’t even really notice his shedding much. Unless I lift his blanket up then that’s a whole different story or if I wear black pants. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

  • Alaina-Lee Monster

    Can I start by saying that I love the pun title of this post! My fur baby sheds so much too! Seems like I’m always brushing and vacuuming. Taking her the groomers usually relieves some of my dog-mom duties for a couple days too.

  • Jess

    My dog sheds like crazy too! He’s shedding especially bad right now. I have to vacuum every day to keep from going crazy lol! I can’t stand the hair, so I’m always cleaning. It’s totally worth it though!

  • Nati

    In total and complete honesty, the reason I don’t have a pet is because of my allergies, especially dog and cat fur. When visiting my friends who have pets, I instantly remark the pet hair everywhere, so I will be definitely sharing your article with my friends!

    • cebirminx

      My boyfriend is allergic to my cat and we just moved in together. We definitely have to take extra steps to keep the pet dander under control or else the boyfriend will have an incredibly bad time. It’s a struggle for sure!

  • Dana Vento

    This is something that I really need. There are hairs all over the house becasue my fur babies loves to play everywhere.

  • kim

    I have a corgi and he is definitely a shedder. Your tips are great! We definitely try to brush as often as possible.

  • Ana Vukosavljevic

    I have a malteser and she’s not that bad with shedder but she’s got such a thick hair she needs to go to a groomer every month! I could definitely make a good sweater for winter of her hair 😀

    • cebirminx

      Did you know there is a company that makes watches out of your pet’s hair? 😅 it’s so wild what people think of

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