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So we hopped in the car for for a five and a half hour drive from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Dallas, Texas. If you’ve ever found yourself traveling with dogs, you know it’s always an interesting ride…

If you are popping in from being a long time follower over on our Dogstagram, @idge.pidge, you might already know that the reason for our trip was my 24th Birthday.
SO, being the birthday girl, I got to have most of a say in what we went a did (I say most because I am a benevolent birthday queen and want everybody to have a good time)
I started with a quick Google search, like I’m sure most of you would…
“Dog friendly Dallas”
You can google it now, go on… or don’t because I’m here to tell you about the top two results that pop up when you do said Google. Hang tight!


We rolled up to Mutt’s right as it started raining so the Saturday dog crowd had kind of thinned out. But this was on my list GOSH DARN IT so I wanted to go in, even just for a bit.
Let me start by saying that Mutt’s Canine Cantina is a dog park, so if your dog isn’t a dog park kinda pup, you might want to pass this up. Dog parks have always made me nervous, but since it wasn’t packed, I thought it was worth a shot. Another thing that made me feel more at ease about the whole situation was that the front desk attendant allowed us to take a lap through the park to make sure that our dogs were going to be chill with hanging out.
Once we knew nobody (read “our dogs”) was going to get sassy, we filled out the paperwork and payed up ($5.95 per dog… be prepared).
Because of the rain, we didn’t stay long sadly. And because I was too busy being a smother mother, I didn’t partake in the adult beverage part of the park, which… hindsight, I’m sure the dogs would have loved me to stop micromanaging them and, instead, cracked a cold one with the boyz.
On that note though, I hear they have Yappy Hour on the week days, and their normal drink prices are pretty reasonable!


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Fast forward to Sunday, the rain had stopped and after brunch (what up Old Monk) we took the dogs out to another spot on my list of dog friendly Dallas spots.

So, the Katy Trail Ice House has the BEST patio. And as a cherry on top, we visited on a day with textbook patio weather, so everything was super pleasant.
We popped in through their trail side entrance, they were super dog friendly with lots of water bowls available. There was a sign posted with standard dog bar rules (ie: keep them on a leash and make sure they behave.. no dancing on the tables..yadda yadda) but what worried us was the last rule… no barking dogs. Joey, pictured above, is an “arfer” who likes to say hi to other dogs from afar and his voice carries.
We walked into the Stop -n- Go part of their patio first because we were worried that Joey would disturb too many people with his massive bark. There was a nice little walk up window where we got drinks super quick. Remington didn’t want to stay at all because Joey had already started up the arfing at the dogs just inside the patio area, ya know when you’re the one with that kid?

We worked on two rounds, just kinda perched on the first table, ready to make a break for it if things got too loud on our end. He had calmed down, only barking at the occasional dog passing by on the trail and a guy on roller blades joey what?!
Then I decided that I wanted to walk him around the main patio, hoping to get him even more comfy with the crazy busy environment. He handled it all like a champ, we did a few laps and then decided it was time to graduate to the big leagues; we found a few patio chairs and ordered another round! Birthday success!

Even though the outing started off seemingly rocky, with a little bit of caution and time, we made sure each dog was comfortable with where we were and what we were doing. They get to be the birthday princesses anywhere we go because GOSH DARN IT they are worth it!

I follow so many dog traveling pages on Instagram, and I envy their lifestyle and their “bomb proof” dogs. I want so badly to be that, but here’s the thing… they’re out there doing them… and I am out here doing me; and my dogs pull on the leash (we are working on it) and sometimes arf until the cows come home. And who knows, maybe these people I look up to so much started out with little hellions too!
The more we get out and do things a bit out of our comfort zone the more “bomb proof” my own dogs become; taking a few extra steps in between and a lot of treats to make sure that everybody is chill.

Stay tuned guys, we’ll get there!

Love & Love

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  • Denise

    We love everything about dog-friendly Dallas except the driving! Mommy cussed a lot on that trip and Henri decided that the back seat wasn’t so bad. Hope you had a happy birthday!

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