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5 Reasons Why Bully Sticks Are Bae

So what’s the deal with these dick sticks?

Bully sticks! Have you heard of them? If you’re a dog mom (dad? parent?) extraordinaire I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about this bull pizzle.


I’ve come to the conclusion that bully sticks are bae. Why? Well…

1. They promote good gums and teeth

Tarter? Plaque? That ish is wack!

There are many products out there that help keep our pooch’s chompers clean. Vets, and other pet professionals, recommend brushing your pup’s teeth at least once a week, if not every day. Personally, I am a sucky dog mom in this category; I bought the toothpaste and the toothbrushes but have really only used them once or twice in the past year (don’t judge me).

Thankfully, chewing bully sticks are a great way to combat the plaque build up! Though it is true that chewing on a treat does NOT replace brushing, as dogs are gnawing away on bully sticks, their gums are massaged and strengthened, preventing bleeding and tooth decay. Good dental health also leads way to fresher breath! Win win win!

2. It’s a work out

So we’ve all heard that a tired dog is a good dog.

Well, did you know that chewing on long lasting treats is actually a good brain workout for our dogs? Bully sticks give dogs something to do, a task to focus on, which makes it a perfect rainy day treat.

Mental stimulation is way more tiring than physical stimulation. Though doing both with your pup is always preferable, sometimes our busy human schedules don’t allow for a good game of fetch or a nice long walk. You can always pull out a yummy bully stick to work that bored brain out!

A thinking dog is a tired dog, and a tired dog is the perfect dog!

3. All natural

There are so many treats out there that sound oh so delicious for our furry family members, but if you take some time to look at the ingredients, they may not be the best for Fido.

Bully sticks are 100% natural and are only one ingredient…

100% BULL PENIS (don’t think too much about it).

Some arguments could be made about hormones being added to the beef, which in turn would mean that there could be hormones in the dried and stretched bull pizzle. But if you do your research and find a reputable company, such as Bravo! Pet Foods, you can trust where they source their beef for their Crazy Curly Bully Sticks.

They are sourced and made in the USA and you can trust that they don’t have any yucky preservatives or weird dyes and flavors.

4. It’s NOT rawhide

You saw this one coming right?

Rawhide is increasingly becoming less popular in the pet food industry because of how it is processed and the safety concerns it brings up.

Above, I encouraged a good chew for your pup to stimulate their brain and make them tired, BUT not all chews are created equal. Rawhides do provide the same dental benefits that bully sticks do, many long lasting chews do, but it is the way rawhide is created that makes it unsafe for your dog to consume.

The process requires many chemicals and bleaches just to prepare the hide at the tannery. That’s right, this treat isn’t even created in a food safe environment, it’s a by-product of the leather industry. Yuck! My dog likes to eat trash, but still… yuck!

It is then pumped full of preservatives and unnatural flavors and colors just to make them look appealing; remember how cute little red and white striped rawhide candy canes show up in all the store around Christmas time? That ish ain’t natural!

5. Totally delicious

Okay, this point speaks for itself!

Dogs love yummy treats and I know we all love to spoil our dogs. Why not give them the absolute best we can! Bully sticks are a big hit with my pups and I am sure that they will be a big hit with your pups too!



*Make sure to always supervise your dog while they are chewing a long lasting treat. Anything thing that your dog puts in their mouth is a choking hazard. Keep those puppers safe!*


  • Esme Sy

    Some good stuff for my dog-loving friends! I think I’ve heard this being promoted and it didn’t really catch my attention until I’ve read all the good things about it here.

  • Ithfifi

    I was so confused by the first picture, I couldn’t work out what it was! I don’t have dogs anymore (sadly) but these sound like a really good treat for them. I am glad yours are being pampered

  • Deb B.

    I used to give something similar to my dogs when they were with us – and it was lifechanging! For them, and for me! I never heard of bully sticks before, but for sure this would be something they would have loved! It’s true – a tired dog is a good dog. Hahah. It’s definitely a workout for them to chew on this, but they are SO happy.

  • NadiaNelson

    I have never heard of bully sticks, but it seems like a good treat for any pup. At first I was so confused to what you were referring to and even laughed out loud at your choice of words. Such a fun and informative review.

  • Elizabeth O

    These sound like a great treat for dogs. I like the shape of them too it seems like that would keep them busy for a while.

  • Preet

    Such an informative post for all dog lovers and dog parents. Bully sticks sound so perfect treat for dogs for so many great reasons. I will share this with my friend who is a new dog owner.

  • NAti

    I don’t have a dog but I will forward your article to my best friend who does! I’ve never heard of these Bully sticks here in Switzerland and I bet she’ll be surprised too!

  • Dee

    Seriously love these! They provide so many hours of chewing fun for ink! All dog’s should get at least one in their lifetime

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